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Convert Audio and Video Formats

 Audio/Video Converter is used to convert audio/video file from one format to another. Different formats may involve different codecs, different encoding qualities and different resolutions etc.

 Audio/Video Converter can be invoked from SoMud "Utility Tools". You can also convert downloaded audio/video files directly by clicking "Convert Audio/Video" menu item for the selected files in SoMud (see following screenshot).

 You can drag and drop files into the converter for conversion. Multiple files conversion is supported. For multiple files, the output file name will have a incrementing index number appended to it for different output files. In most cases, you can just use default conversion settings, since SoMud converter will try to figure out the most appropriate settings for you. However, you can configure it with your customized settings.
Then, simply press "Convert" button to start converting.
In case of errors, you can check error log for details. In many cases, modifying "Video Frame Rate" or "Audio Sample Frequency" may remove these errors.