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 If you want to share your files via P2P network, you may want to create your own Torrent for seeding. It is very simple to create a new Torrent in SoMud. To do that, in SoMud, select "Create New Torrent" menu item or hit "Ctrl+T" shortcut keys to open new Torrent wizard dialog as shown in the following screenshot. In the new Torrent wizard dialog, choose a file or a folder of files to share. Here we will share a folder called "My Wales Mountain View Photos". Then press "Next" and "Generate" buttons to finish generating Torrent. This will create a file called "My Wales Mountain View Photos.torrent". By default, this newly generated Torrent will start seeding automatically.
(Note: It's better to make your file or folder name contain enough keywords that best describe the file or the folder of files. This is to help your Torrent file to be found and best searched.)

 Once you have created a Torrent, you can upload it to some Torrent site to allow other users to download. At the same time, you should keep this Torrent in "Seeding" state in SoMud. It is better to keep seeding for a couple of hours or longer, depending on the size of files you share. However, you should keep sharing/seeding the shared files for a couple of hours until you see the "Distributed copies" is greater than 1.0 which means there is at least one copy of your files on the Internet, so other people can download your files from there.

 Please check the following link for a list of Torrent sites where you can upload your Torrent file.

[List of Torrent Sites]